• Welcome to
    Lynwood Club
    A Family Orientated Club
    situated in the western suburb of
    Boughton, Pietermaritzburg. We strive to
    promote friendship through sport.
  • Our Wooden
    provides awesome views over the
    grounds and bowling greens,
    perfect for some evening drinks.
  • Our Sunroom
    and Hall can accomodate
    Up to 200 people
    Our bar and Kitchen
    can cater for any function.
  • We have 2 squash
    courts at Lynwood
    11 League sides
    Players of all levels and abilities welcome,
    Various social doubles and
    singles tournaments to enjoy.
  • Our bowlers enjoy
    the use of
    3 well maintained
    bowling greens throughout the year.
  • Using Linpark High
    School cricket field
    Maritzburg Cricket Club (MCC)
    call Lynwood club their home.
    Represented in the inland league
    by 2 teams, we also host an
    annual T20 festival.


Plenty of safe & secure parking


Free wifi available


Credit card facilities available

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Lynwood Club Card Draw

starting Thursday, 4th August 2016

Lynwood Club is launching a raffle to raise funds for the club as well as give members an opportunity to win with a lucky draw card game.

The competition has two parts to it.
  • Firstly, the raffle - members must buy a ticket, at a cost of R10, that will be entered into a lucky draw.
  • Secondly, the winner of the lucky draw may turn a card over in the glass case.

If the card that is turned is the Joker, the jackpot will be paid out.

  • Turning a non-joker card will result in a rollover.
  • Only one (1) card will be turned per week.
  • In the first week the jackpot will be R500.
  • Every week thereafter the Jackpot will grow by 50% of the previous week's ticket sales.
  • If, in the first, the Joker is turned, the Jackpot will payout R500 and the pot will return to R500.
  • The Jackpot will grow again, week by week, until the second Joker is turned.
  • Therafter, the competition will be reset, and the whole process will start over again.
  • Every Thursday night there will be a lucky draw where members can enter by purchasing a R10 raffle ticket. Multiple tickets may be purchased and tickets can be purchased throughout the week.
  • At 18:30 one (1) name will be pulled from the pool of tickets purchased.
  • The person, whose name is selected, will have the opportunity to turn over one (1) card in the glass cupboard on the wall by the pool table. This cupboard can only be opended by a committee member. A record of all turned cards and winners will be kept by the Club Secretary.
  • The goal is to turn over a Joker.
  • if, any card other than the Joker , is turned over, there will be no winner for that night.
  • The draw will be repeated the following week and a record of the Jackpot will be kept at the club for all members to see.
  • If the Joker is turned over, that person wins the jackpot.
  • The jackpot will then be reset to R500 for the following weeks draw.
  • You have to be present to be eligible to turn a card in the draw. No proxies will be allowed.
  • You can buy multiple tickets to increase your chance of winning the draw.
  • Only one (1) card will be turned every week.
  • The Jackpot will grow every week by 50% of the previous week's ticket sales.
  • Each competition will run until both Jokers have been turned. After both Jokers have been turned the competition will be reset and will start over again.

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