BIG Bang Evening

Thanks to Nick for another successful tournament. Inevitably the weather was against us once again, but that did not curtail anything. Maybe we should start hiring Nick out as a rainmaker! To the chagrin of some of our colour coded ladies, our Mexican guests reigned supreme in the fashion stakes. However, their court performance did not match their outfits, and they walked away with the booby prize - tequilas before every game affecting their game, or were the ballies just too good on the day?

Thanks also to...

  • Master chef Pieter for providing the supper, ably assisted by Ian and Kay
  • Di and Eric for the prizes
  • Cathy for the draw
  • Ruth for running the raffle
  • Felix and Laurie for organizing the fireworks display.

The 'Big Bang' tournament was aptly named, as a box of fireworks labelled 'Fountains' unwittingly turned out to be big bangs, resulting in a few spilt drinks, scared children and Laurie's eardrums having a close encounter with a very loud bang. Petronel unearthed an overall from varsity days (how many years ago?) for stuffing the Guy Fawkes effigy.

The raffle prize for guessing how long before the baloons popped was shared by Ruth and Eric. Second win for Ruth out of three raffles held so far.