On Saturday, 11 June, our spit braai doubles competition had 30 players competing - the biggest competition we had ever run. A special thanks to the 6 ladies that joined us for the first time - hope you will be back next time. The warthog had already started cooking by the time most players arrived, and there was no shortage of helpers to either turn or baste the avo guzzler on the spit, and he played his part by cooking perfectly. Ruth won the biltong (she will never win any squash playing with her current partner !!), and her 2 daughters and resident orphan will have something to spice up their school lunches. Hope Graham gets some!

Thanks to the following persons for making it a very enjoyable day:

  • Nick - organising the competition
  • Gary Preston - providing the beast
  • Felix - arranging and fetching the beast
  • Cathy - doing the draw
  • Pieter - bringing his saw and cutting up the carcass
  • Anne - Selling raffle tickets
  • Riaan (Big on Biltong) - for giving us the biltong at a good price
  • Iain (Mayors Walk Spar) - for the bread rolls
  • Fergus - for the steel used for the spit
  • Rooi Dup (Ex bowls green keeper) - for the welding, and lastly
  • All those participating to make it such an enjoyable day

Our next tournament, will be on the 24th July. Sadly it will be a farewell to Manu and Vivienne, who are returning to Belgium, and we want to provide a traditional South African buffet for them to sample. Details to follow shortly.