How it all began

Lynwood Club started out as Eddels on the other side of town and was founded in 1936. Later, in 1965, it became a victim of the apartheid system of separation and removal and was moved to the present site.

A clubhouse, squash courts, bowling greens and tennis courts had to be rebuilt and club members put a great deal of time and energy into creating these new facilities at the site occupied today. This created a sense of ownership amongst members which remains in force even now. Lynwood is an open club and is known for its sense of welcome to visitors which is important when providing facilities for the wider community.

Club affairs are controlled by a committee of elected members and a representative from each of the sporting sections, viz. Squash, Bowls and Cricket.

The Club sporting facilities are used on a regular basis by a number of schools for example Linpark and St Annes. The MCC cricket club, which is a part of the Lynwood Club, use the Lynpark school cricket ground and have recently revamped the pitch and have big plans for the future. Future development is planned to increase our focus on working with schools in the development of young people in cricket, bowls, dancing and tennis. Close co-operation is maintained with the various sports controlling bodies. Our facilities are used for local, regional, provincial and national sporting events.

Our hall and clubhouse are a popular venue for weddings, birthday parties, company functions and departmental meetings and courses. The dancing school which operates from the Club has dancers of provincial and National standard. The clubhouse is the only facility of its kind in Boughton, Blackridge and Sweetwaters and is therefore important to the wider communities in those areas.

Enquiries should be directed to the Club Manager on (033) 344 1340.